Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Toy Society

Toy SocietyToday I want to write about a very beautiful and altruistic initiative I want to join.
It's called The Toy Society, a small project all about spreading love around the world with handmade toy gifts for strangers.
It started as a small street art project in Australia and is slowly spreading around the world.
When you sign up you get an email with all the instructions including a link with the letter to attach to the toy.
When a toy is found, it's hoped the finder will send a note to the society so they know where the toys end up.
Even if some people take ages to reply I think just knowing you've warmed someone's heart or given someone a smile with a small gesture is enough to spur any crafter into joining such a project.

I like the idea so much I've already decided I want to make at least 10 of my Angel Bunnies.
I chose the bunnies because they're simple so I can make many in less time. They're also cute+springlike which is always nice in Winter. I'll make them in different colors and materials.
My Beloved and I already came up with as many places to leave them at (once you start thinking of places it's hard to stop).
I decided to leave them in places where people are... needy, to brighten up their day.

Don't you think it's a lovely project?
I had tears in my eyes reading the emails of people who found the toys from the Project...

So I'll be working on this Project for the next few days then when I'm done I'll return to my personal ones.
I still need to make a cute dress for my fabric doll, after all!

Btw as of yesterday I'm officially a College student so though all my classes are online they'll take precedence over crafting.
Therefore please be patient as I won't have as much time to dedicate to my hobbies.

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  1. Bellissima Idea, che hai un cuore grande come una casa già lo sapevo, ma dopo questa ne ho avuto la comferma! Kiss!!