Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mythical Horses

Unicorn, demon
Finally finished this project I've been working on for almost a week using old Barbie horses my friend Wendy gave me a few months ago.
Admittedly it didn't take too long to make the foam wings but the clay horn was tricky. It took 3 tries before I was satisfied.
Details such as red eyes & golden horn+hooves needed at least 3/4 layers of acrylic paint.
I don't recommend using sealer MSC on these kind of products, it had a strange effect on the unicorn's hooves which you fortunately can't see in the picture.

All in all I'm rather pleased by the end result.
My fiance was completely impressed as well :3
I plan to place these mythical horses on a shelf to be admired by all.


  1. WOW !!! They're very very amazing !!! So beautiful creatures !!! Your work is very good !!!

  2. ciao, come va? è un po' che non passo a trovarti...sono stata un po' impegnata con il lavoro...Le tue creazioni sono sempre originali! un abbraccio laura