Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Georgiaversary

20th August marked my 1st year in Georgia.
My friends threw a Georgiaversary Party for me to celebrate what I'd accomplished & survived in these 365days.

1st October 2008 I move from Italy to US / California
10th December 2008 I move to North Carolina
25th December 2009 I get engaged
23rd June 2010 Ex cheats & breaks up with me
20th August 2010 I move to Georgia / Columbus
16th October 2010 I get my Driving license
18th October 2010 I start working at McDonalds
7th November 2010 I get my car (with financial help from parents)
12th November 2010 I move to Greenville
25th January 2011 I start working at M....lle
12th February 2011 I’m “adopted” by a cat (still debatable)
3rd April 2011 I meet the first of 4 wonderful people
1st August 2011 I’m officially hired at my current workplace.

Last Saturday I suddenly realized~ I had friends, people who actually care about me!
One friend even gifted me with a $100 HobbyLobby gift card!
On 26th August feeling a bit down, I decided to stop by the store after work.
I hadn't been able to splurge on myself for a while being very money conscious so having someone treat me for no other reason that friendship really touched me.

I spent a full hour looking through every isle, picking crafting supplies for my next projects, randomly grabbing things that struck my fancy.
When I got back I realized I'd unconsciously purchased pieces that combined turned into this lovely centerpiece!

PS I still have nearly half the amount left on the gift card!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Caricature of Parents

These dolls are handmade in felt using modified version of my "Happy Berry".

They are caricatures of my parents (in their younger years).

They are my Mother's Day & Father's Day gifts to them.

My Little Pony

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Huge Update!

I recently realized I haven't updated in ages~ and yet have continued crafting while slowly improving on my Life.

I'm happy to say I've been an office lady since the end of January and, while my car is still a lemon draining my finances, I now have a social Life and am in Atlanta every other weekend.
In fact I've been thinking of setting my next goal towards Atlanta which as a metropolis has more to offer in way of employment, salary, social, education, entertainment, ect.
Let's face it, I really do live in the middle of nowwhere and even the town I work at has nothing to offer. I don't want to "make due" like certain people; at least this isn't my version of "making due". What I have now, I won't progress~ I'll just stay where I'm at. I know Atlanta has more to offer. And I know I can do better~ I think I've proven that already.
So I'm going be updating my resume, hand it to friends and toss it online ect. I know it'll take some time to find a job but I'm in no hurry. I'm not setting ETA because it wouldn't be realistic. But I just can't just sit around waiting for something to happen if I don't start it first, right?

Anyway please enjoy what I've created the past few months: