Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's not good-bye for this blog!

Kissing LRRH
In July I gave Melanie a new faceup, coolcats eyechips & eye lashes.
I'm hoping to get her an obitsu body some time soon, her original body is too floppy.

A SecondLife acquaintance suggested to ask my readers if they would be interested in buying my creations (on Ebay instead of Etsy), maybe offer commissions as well- like the one I did in July for an online friend.
What do you think? Would you be interested?
Please let me know!

Tomorrow morning I leave for Columbus (GA).
I'm really looking forward to actually LIVING and enjoying Life to the fullest once I'm there!
I'm hoping the people treat me better than NC and will accept me for myself.
Regardless, I will make the most of what Life has to offer me!

Obviously considering the move and its consequences I honestly don't know when I'll be posting again, let alone craft but I'll try to continue. I've come a long way in my hobby and would hate to neglect it.

Btw I'd love to meet folks in the crafting & dollie hobbies so please let me know who's out there in Columbus (GA)!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Pon & Zi

Pon & Zi
Pon & Zi are handmade in felt by me.
Original characters by Azuzephre

On 29th July I finally found the proof I needed that showed he'd been lying & cheating on me before the official breakup dated 23rd June, possibly as long as 2-3 months.
He didn't even mourn the end of our relationship before jumping into a new one. That itself shows how little I meant to him.
Don't worry, I'm not hurt anymore. I'm just disgusted by his overall conduct (+ trying to go back on his word to provide some funds, transportation & shipping my belongings, he's also been slandering me, of course).
You can be sure once I'm in Georgia I'll cut all contacts from him. What a sorry excuse of a guy!
I'm just very relieved I didn't find out in even worse circumstances.

Now I'm ready to start my brand new drama-free life in Columbus (GA)- just one week to go!