Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The first ducky is handmade in foam using pattern found in Quilt Maker slightly modified by me; The second wacky ducky is handmade in fabric & felt using pattern found in My Soft Toys Corner

Mom's visit went very well, in fact better than we expected and we were really sorry to see her go. Summer Semester started last week. We're still rather broke but fortunately I've enough material for the next projects such as giving my Pullip a make-over and creating game related plushies for my fiance and his nephew.

Btw did anyone else notice the plush patterns now sold in Walmart? I was drooling! I want to try to get ahold of some when we have the extra cash.

Note: I learnt a new type of stitching called BlanketStitching thanks to the Wacky Ducky pattern; to be honest I think it would stand out more in a single colored fabric especially when using a thread color which is different from the fabric color. Ah well, learn from your mistakes and all that...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day with Fruit

fruit basket
This is the present I made my mom for Mother's Day.

Click here if you want to view a picture of the fruit in baskets made using pattern found on Paper Glitter's & Nabiki's blogs.
Make sure to visit their blogs for a cute strawberry party set dedicated to this holiday!

I used patterns found online for apple & pear by Paola + strawberry & kaki by Ku +pomegranate by Coconut-Lane.
As promised, here are my personal patterns for cherries (tutorial by Melissa Rambles On), banana (tutorial by Just stuff), apple, and slices of watermelon, orange & kiwi (tutorial by ThinkingMama).

Note: My mom will be visiting us from 10th to 19th May so I doubt I'll get any crafting done this week.

Hazuki wishes Happy Mother's Day
I wanted to wish "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!" to all the mommies out there!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Penguin blues

This adorable penguin is made using the same slightly-modified pattern as the round plush birdie collection.
He was made in felt as a present for a friend who'll be moving to another town soon.

The past week I've been rather busy with homework and crafting a present for Mother's Day.
Fortunately as of today I'm two subjects away from the end of this Semester and am ready to deliver my present.
What did I make, you want to know? Three cute baskets of felt fruit!
I figured it'd be a good gift that'll last throughout the year without worrying about the fruit rotting. My fiance reassures me mom will love it, I honestly hope so, I spent so much time and effort on it!

Btw I'm thinking about posting my own fruit patterns for my followers to enjoy (*wink*)
In the meantime, here are patterns for apple & pear by Paola + strawberry & kaki by Ku + pomegranate by Coconut-Lane.

Mother's Day is only a week away!
Make sure to visit Paper Glitter's & Nabiki's blogs for a cute strawberry party set dedicated to this holiday!