Sunday, September 26, 2010

Life is (finally!) improving

No new crafting update because I've been pleasantly busy working on my social life.
I'm very pleased to inform I now have a great fun best friend who not only brings happiness + fun to my Life but also helps me be more level minded instead of allowing my feelings to rule me. In fact I'd go so far as to credit her or at least her positive influence for the now quite improved relationship with The Harpy.
I've also had a chance to meet an outgoing, relaxed, fun, and dynamic group whose welcomed me right away. Can't wait for the next meetup!

As far as employment goes, I had an interview on Friday and have another tomorrow and although neither is very promising I still consider it a good sign. It's only a matter of time before I find something decent considering all the application forms I've filled out and the many employment agencies I've joined.
And if push comes to shove I'll take a holiday job if even to keep busy and replenish my very diminished funds.

I've accomplished so much in such short time, some of which The Ex promised but didn't keep his word.
- moved to another State and slowly getting my Life together
- bought new glasses+ slippers
- went to munches and party with friends
- made good honest dependable friends
- had many meaningful conversations with different people
- ate out often
- enjoyed the surrounding area (Pine Hills, Callaway Gardens, ect)
- have experienced new things and explored new places
- got "Work Ready" certified

I wonder what else I'll be able to do and experience next month, I can't wait to find out!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

African American Baby

African American baby
This African American baby was handmade in felt with cloth & yarn details by me using a modified version of pattern found in Baby London Star's blog.
Note: socks purchased at Wal-mart
I had to craft this plush for my host's coworker's baby shower.

Nothing much to report. Filled out more application forms, visited a few employment agencies, received the "Work Ready" certificate (paper version). I'm hoping all my efforts pay off soon, especially considering I'm having a very hard time in GA with my hosts, specifically the female one who Friday went on a half hour rant listing imagined faults she attributes to me, including me being the cause of the tension in the house when I'm only reacting to her vibes (I'm a tad empathic).
It's pretty obvious in spite of the other subjects brought up during The Rant the real reason behind it and her attitude toward me is, she feels threatened by me but is not honest enough to admit it. I've never given her any real substantial reason to feel this animosity toward me.
It's clear she's made me her new target (her husband must be so relieved) and will blame me for just about anything. I've never in my life been accused of so many wrongdoings, not even as a child. My own parents never complained so much about me and I lived with them for 30yrs. I've been in GA barely a month and The Harpy has a whole laundry-list of fictional faults she attributes to me.
I honestly don't know what to do. I'm so upset and worried about the situation I was feeling physically ill this evening and had to take an aspirin.
And I can't help blaming The Ex; if I hadn't met him and moved in with him to NC who knows where I'd be and with whom right now.

Until this Rant I was actually in a better place, realized recently that I've slowly started feeling better even if my Life is still on hold and I don't have a job yet. I felt somewhat more optimistic. I think The Ex is finally behind me (it's been 4 months after all, 1 of which in GA).

Now I honestly don't know how to react or what to do with the hosts. I'm in such an awkward disadvantaged position. It feels like I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't whatever I choose.
Please, if anyone has advice or suggestions send them my way...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jack Skeleton

Jack Skeleton
Jack Skeleton was handmade in felt with foam details by me using a modified version of pattern found in Baby London Star's blog.
I know it's still early for Halloween but my female host apparently loves decorating for the holidays and I thought this plush would make a good (birthday) addition to her collection.

I've been in Columbus (GA) for nearly a month now and don't have much to show for it, except most of my belongings in boxes in the attic and a constant heart-ache with deep loneliness.
I've filled out many online job application forms, passed the written test for driving license (road test is in October), got my "Work Ready" certificate, opened an account at the local credit union, have new phone + number, am waiting for my new glasses + contacts, got my GA Id card.
I've searched online for local (hobbies & singles) clubs and volunteer work so I can do something with my free time and socialize.
I joined a few dating sites.
So far I haven't found a job or club nor have a made a friend. It's rather depressing, really. Even though I'm told it will take time, I'm ready for Life to start NOW and it's so frustrating to be held back by circumstances.
But I really am trying very hard (more than I ever have in my life) on all fronts so nobody can claim I've failed for lack of motivation.
Surely Karma will turn around in my favor soon?