Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mythical Horses

Unicorn, demon
Finally finished this project I've been working on for almost a week using old Barbie horses my friend Wendy gave me a few months ago.
Admittedly it didn't take too long to make the foam wings but the clay horn was tricky. It took 3 tries before I was satisfied.
Details such as red eyes & golden horn+hooves needed at least 3/4 layers of acrylic paint.
I don't recommend using sealer MSC on these kind of products, it had a strange effect on the unicorn's hooves which you fortunately can't see in the picture.

All in all I'm rather pleased by the end result.
My fiance was completely impressed as well :3
I plan to place these mythical horses on a shelf to be admired by all.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Strawberry Delite

Strawberry Shortcake enjoys sweets
Lately I've been in a creative stump.
I'm having a hard time scraping for will and energy, yet my mind is crowded with projects. Perhaps I've been over-filling my days with school and craft (and occasional house work) to the point of exhaustion. I guess I need to find a better way to compromise everything.
But in spite of it all I still managed to make this yummy strawberry (pattern & tutorial by Ku) cocktail and have another project or two on the works.

I've somewhat decided to try to make bomboniere for my Wedding using the crafting book "My Favorite Felt Sweets" by Joie Staff I plan to purchase soon.
In Italian tradition, Bomboniere are gifts given out on special occasions to guests.
Bomboniere usually come with Jordan almonds though I'm not sure I'll be able to attach them to the felt sweets/cakes I plan to give to our guests.
Fortunately I've still more than a year of time and crafting doesn't usually take much time, moreover I plan to give 1 Bomboniera per each couple.
Though Bomboniere are not part of American culture I decided to import them, giving my wedding a touch of my Italian heritage. I'm sure our guests will love them!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Donuts anyone?

Tobby snacks
This week I managed to catch up on school work so I took advantage of the unexpected free time to make these yummy donuts and work on a new project: PATTERNS!
That's right, yours truly is selling patterns on her Etsy Shop thanks to RainbowProject's encouragement!

Please check my Etsy Shop to see what's currently available!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Felt Food

felt food
All items are hand made in felt.
Details are painted with fabric paint using a toothpick as a brush, the cheeks are in chalk pastels.

I haven't had much time to dedicate to my hobby because of homework but I still felt the urge to create, even if something simple.
Hopefully once I get used to the load of weekly homework I can find a routine which will allow me to continue with my hobbies.

Yesterday we dropped off 7 Angel Bunnies in Lucama (NC) as part of The Toy Society project.
Btw my first two drops were recorded on The Toy Society site!

Yesterday I received my Tobby from Ajumapama earlier than expected.
He's so tiny (about 13cm) and adorable!
I want to make a little bag to carry him around my neck and a bed (which he'll share with Ginger from Pipos) in theme with his mythological origins (Tobby is a brownie fairy).
Right now he seems rather cozy resting on Melanie's lap :)
felix brownie
On a side note, my fiance & I have decided on our wedding date: if all goes well it should be on 24th September 2011.
We'd like to go to Disney World Florida on our honeymoon.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Toy Society

Angel Bunnies
As you can see I've been VERY busy with The Toy Society project I've recently joined.
I made these 10 bunnies to leave in as many places next time my Beloved is off work this week.
I hope each will warm someone's heart or give them a smile!

I've also cut felt for 10 more bunnies and plan to ask a friend working at Social Services to give them out to her "best customers" as part of The Toy Society idea.

And another 10 bunnies will be found in my Etsy Shop within the end of the month.
Do you think they will sell?
Angel Bunnies
In order to avoid burning myself out on bunnies, I decided to take a small break from them.
Now that we finally have a printer I've printed out many different patterns I found online.
I can't wait to start using them!
I also plan to make a frog plush for my Beloved's adopted mother using the fabric she gave me.
I hope she likes it!
I still need to make a cute dress for my fabric doll and work on my BJD dolls.

Today I sent layway payment for a beige Ringo Pipos I hope to adopt by the end of February.
I've been drooling after a kitty Pipos for nearly 2 years!
I'm also expecting to receive my Tobby from Ajumapama by my Birthday in February.
I bet he's even cuter in person!

As you know I've recently started College and though the classes are online the amount of work is almost over-whelming.
So far I'm holding up and trying to keep ahead so I can continue my crafting without scrambling to catch up with school work.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Toy Society

Toy SocietyToday I want to write about a very beautiful and altruistic initiative I want to join.
It's called The Toy Society, a small project all about spreading love around the world with handmade toy gifts for strangers.
It started as a small street art project in Australia and is slowly spreading around the world.
When you sign up you get an email with all the instructions including a link with the letter to attach to the toy.
When a toy is found, it's hoped the finder will send a note to the society so they know where the toys end up.
Even if some people take ages to reply I think just knowing you've warmed someone's heart or given someone a smile with a small gesture is enough to spur any crafter into joining such a project.

I like the idea so much I've already decided I want to make at least 10 of my Angel Bunnies.
I chose the bunnies because they're simple so I can make many in less time. They're also cute+springlike which is always nice in Winter. I'll make them in different colors and materials.
My Beloved and I already came up with as many places to leave them at (once you start thinking of places it's hard to stop).
I decided to leave them in places where people are... needy, to brighten up their day.

Don't you think it's a lovely project?
I had tears in my eyes reading the emails of people who found the toys from the Project...

So I'll be working on this Project for the next few days then when I'm done I'll return to my personal ones.
I still need to make a cute dress for my fabric doll, after all!

Btw as of yesterday I'm officially a College student so though all my classes are online they'll take precedence over crafting.
Therefore please be patient as I won't have as much time to dedicate to my hobbies.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Pullip/Obitsu Hybrid Sophie

Pullip Obitsu Hybrid Sophie
Sophie used to be a mini Pullip called "Little Principessa".
When I purchased her I didn't know how small she would be nor how much she would lack articulation (impulsive shopper? lol!)
Her original 4.5 inches body was replaced with a 23cm Obitsu with the help of my Beloved.
She was too pale & gothic (corpse say anything to you?) for my taste so I touched up her face-up using pink pastels for blush + eyeshadow & acrylic paint for the lips. Everything was fixed with Sealer MSC & gloss for lips + eye rims.

Sophie is holding a felt Mofy Bunny which as you know was made by me.
More pictures HERE.

I've also been working on a fabric doll (yes, sometimes I'm a multi-tasker).
Though she's part of an "Easy-to-do Fairy Doll Making Kit" I only used the body.
I already made the face & applied "Mini Quick Curls Doll Hair" but now she's too "sophisticated" for her original "simple" fairy outfit so I'll have to make her a better dress, hopefully on Wednesday.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mofy Rabbit

Mofy Rabbit

This adorable felt bunny is only 6cm, just the right size for a dollie!
The details are painted with fabric paint using a toothpick as a brush.
This plush is inspired by Mofy, the bunny created by Aki Kondo.

I made this bunny for my "Little Principessa" as an apology for leaving her so long without a body.
Her new 23cm Obitsu body has been ready for her mini Pullip head for months but I had trouble getting ahold of sealer MSC. Then I had to work on a 12plush commission and random presents so I couldn't do anything till now.

I've started touching up her face-up, she was too pale & gothic for my taste.
I want to make my own Mamachapp using Obitsu pieces.
I need to fix my J-doll's faceup which was slightly marred while trying to replace her body.
Hopefully soon I'll be able to order Obitsu parts to make a better version of Chii from Chobits for whom I've already found lovely sexy outfits on Ebay.

I was hoping to start working on Valentine's Day Project to sell on Etsy but I've neglected my dollie hobby too long so for now I want to concentrate on it.
Don't worry though! It shouldn't take me long and as this is my creative blog you can be sure it'll be updated with pictures of all my work, dollie related included.

Yikes, so many projects and not enough time!
And next week I start College!