Sunday, May 2, 2010

Penguin blues

This adorable penguin is made using the same slightly-modified pattern as the round plush birdie collection.
He was made in felt as a present for a friend who'll be moving to another town soon.

The past week I've been rather busy with homework and crafting a present for Mother's Day.
Fortunately as of today I'm two subjects away from the end of this Semester and am ready to deliver my present.
What did I make, you want to know? Three cute baskets of felt fruit!
I figured it'd be a good gift that'll last throughout the year without worrying about the fruit rotting. My fiance reassures me mom will love it, I honestly hope so, I spent so much time and effort on it!

Btw I'm thinking about posting my own fruit patterns for my followers to enjoy (*wink*)
In the meantime, here are patterns for apple & pear by Paola + strawberry & kaki by Ku + pomegranate by Coconut-Lane.

Mother's Day is only a week away!
Make sure to visit Paper Glitter's & Nabiki's blogs for a cute strawberry party set dedicated to this holiday!

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