Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Georgiaversary

20th August marked my 1st year in Georgia.
My friends threw a Georgiaversary Party for me to celebrate what I'd accomplished & survived in these 365days.

1st October 2008 I move from Italy to US / California
10th December 2008 I move to North Carolina
25th December 2009 I get engaged
23rd June 2010 Ex cheats & breaks up with me
20th August 2010 I move to Georgia / Columbus
16th October 2010 I get my Driving license
18th October 2010 I start working at McDonalds
7th November 2010 I get my car (with financial help from parents)
12th November 2010 I move to Greenville
25th January 2011 I start working at M....lle
12th February 2011 I’m “adopted” by a cat (still debatable)
3rd April 2011 I meet the first of 4 wonderful people
1st August 2011 I’m officially hired at my current workplace.

Last Saturday I suddenly realized~ I had friends, people who actually care about me!
One friend even gifted me with a $100 HobbyLobby gift card!
On 26th August feeling a bit down, I decided to stop by the store after work.
I hadn't been able to splurge on myself for a while being very money conscious so having someone treat me for no other reason that friendship really touched me.

I spent a full hour looking through every isle, picking crafting supplies for my next projects, randomly grabbing things that struck my fancy.
When I got back I realized I'd unconsciously purchased pieces that combined turned into this lovely centerpiece!

PS I still have nearly half the amount left on the gift card!

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