Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Strawberry Delite

Strawberry Shortcake enjoys sweets
Lately I've been in a creative stump.
I'm having a hard time scraping for will and energy, yet my mind is crowded with projects. Perhaps I've been over-filling my days with school and craft (and occasional house work) to the point of exhaustion. I guess I need to find a better way to compromise everything.
But in spite of it all I still managed to make this yummy strawberry (pattern & tutorial by Ku) cocktail and have another project or two on the works.

I've somewhat decided to try to make bomboniere for my Wedding using the crafting book "My Favorite Felt Sweets" by Joie Staff I plan to purchase soon.
In Italian tradition, Bomboniere are gifts given out on special occasions to guests.
Bomboniere usually come with Jordan almonds though I'm not sure I'll be able to attach them to the felt sweets/cakes I plan to give to our guests.
Fortunately I've still more than a year of time and crafting doesn't usually take much time, moreover I plan to give 1 Bomboniera per each couple.
Though Bomboniere are not part of American culture I decided to import them, giving my wedding a touch of my Italian heritage. I'm sure our guests will love them!


  1. Col feltro sei la numero 1 !!!
    Voglio una Fragolona per la mia Mallow!! ^_^

  2. Those creative stumps go away real fast and when you have tons of stuff you want to make. This year I have resolved to forget about the things that I wanted to make last year, that I will never get around to doing.