Sunday, January 17, 2010

Felt Food

felt food
All items are hand made in felt.
Details are painted with fabric paint using a toothpick as a brush, the cheeks are in chalk pastels.

I haven't had much time to dedicate to my hobby because of homework but I still felt the urge to create, even if something simple.
Hopefully once I get used to the load of weekly homework I can find a routine which will allow me to continue with my hobbies.

Yesterday we dropped off 7 Angel Bunnies in Lucama (NC) as part of The Toy Society project.
Btw my first two drops were recorded on The Toy Society site!

Yesterday I received my Tobby from Ajumapama earlier than expected.
He's so tiny (about 13cm) and adorable!
I want to make a little bag to carry him around my neck and a bed (which he'll share with Ginger from Pipos) in theme with his mythological origins (Tobby is a brownie fairy).
Right now he seems rather cozy resting on Melanie's lap :)
felix brownie
On a side note, my fiance & I have decided on our wedding date: if all goes well it should be on 24th September 2011.
We'd like to go to Disney World Florida on our honeymoon.


  1. Si bungiorno! Vorrei due uova, un mashmallow e del pane!
    Ah ma non siamo in un fast food???
    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH sei mitica!!
    Ps. Ma quanto è bello il tuo bimbo???

  2. ciao! oltre ad essere veramente brava, sei sempre così fantasiosa!!! I miei bambini a scuola impazzirebbero per poterci giocare!! ho messo foto del tuo pinguino sul mio blog!! grazie ancora!ciao laura

  3. Hi...I'm Laura from Italy; I also made felt food

    I'd like to invite you to visite my italian blog... Laura