Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mofy Rabbit

Mofy Rabbit

This adorable felt bunny is only 6cm, just the right size for a dollie!
The details are painted with fabric paint using a toothpick as a brush.
This plush is inspired by Mofy, the bunny created by Aki Kondo.

I made this bunny for my "Little Principessa" as an apology for leaving her so long without a body.
Her new 23cm Obitsu body has been ready for her mini Pullip head for months but I had trouble getting ahold of sealer MSC. Then I had to work on a 12plush commission and random presents so I couldn't do anything till now.

I've started touching up her face-up, she was too pale & gothic for my taste.
I want to make my own Mamachapp using Obitsu pieces.
I need to fix my J-doll's faceup which was slightly marred while trying to replace her body.
Hopefully soon I'll be able to order Obitsu parts to make a better version of Chii from Chobits for whom I've already found lovely sexy outfits on Ebay.

I was hoping to start working on Valentine's Day Project to sell on Etsy but I've neglected my dollie hobby too long so for now I want to concentrate on it.
Don't worry though! It shouldn't take me long and as this is my creative blog you can be sure it'll be updated with pictures of all my work, dollie related included.

Yikes, so many projects and not enough time!
And next week I start College!


  1. sei sempre bravissima e originale!!! buon anno!!

  2. Ma che carino!!! Che dolci le orecchie lunghissime!! E che dire delle ciglia lunghe lunghe?? Ah devi assolutamente farne tantissime versioni super colorate!

  3. Dolcissimo questo coniglietto!
    Auguri di Buon anno!
    Tiziana - nidodilana