Monday, January 4, 2010

Pullip/Obitsu Hybrid Sophie

Pullip Obitsu Hybrid Sophie
Sophie used to be a mini Pullip called "Little Principessa".
When I purchased her I didn't know how small she would be nor how much she would lack articulation (impulsive shopper? lol!)
Her original 4.5 inches body was replaced with a 23cm Obitsu with the help of my Beloved.
She was too pale & gothic (corpse say anything to you?) for my taste so I touched up her face-up using pink pastels for blush + eyeshadow & acrylic paint for the lips. Everything was fixed with Sealer MSC & gloss for lips + eye rims.

Sophie is holding a felt Mofy Bunny which as you know was made by me.
More pictures HERE.

I've also been working on a fabric doll (yes, sometimes I'm a multi-tasker).
Though she's part of an "Easy-to-do Fairy Doll Making Kit" I only used the body.
I already made the face & applied "Mini Quick Curls Doll Hair" but now she's too "sophisticated" for her original "simple" fairy outfit so I'll have to make her a better dress, hopefully on Wednesday.

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  1. Te l'ho detto su flickr e te lo ripeto, bellissima!!!!