Monday, December 21, 2009


For Christmas My Beloved requested a neck pillow and something cushiony for his pc chair.
His adopted mother gave me two pieces of cloth & an old neck pillow.
This is what happens when I put my creativity to use!
He was VERY impressed stating it looks so professional he wouldn't have noticed it's made with two different fabrics if I hadn't told him.
I was rather surprised by the result myself but then it was a very important project, I wanted to do justice to the fabric given to me by his adopted mother with which she had planned to make a pillow for her son (my Beloved's best friend)- she never got the chance, he died in May 2009...

throne pc room
As you can imagine, my Beloved is a bit of a nerd.
He's been wanting something cushiony for his "throne" so I made a couple of pillow cases using brown flannel.
My Beloved loves sinking in it.
I wouldn't be surprised if I found him snoozing on his chair one night!

The last project before Christmas is another Angel made especially for my Beloved's adopted family in memory of their late son.
Then I'll be taking the rest of this week off to relax and enjoy presents. I think I deserve it!


  1. Il cuscino per il collo avrà ancora più valore agli occhi del tuo innamorato vista la provenienza della stoffa! Anche se è fatto di due stoffe differnti è venuto benissimo, anzi l'accostamento dei colori lo rende ancora più particolare! E bella l'idea dei fiocchi per renderlo sfoderabile!!! 10+
    Belli anche i cuscinoni della sedia chissà che comodi!!

  2. Bravissima...sono appassionata di cuscini per il collo visto che ogni tanto rimane bloccato!!! ne approfitto per farti tanti auguri di buone feste. ciao Laura