Thursday, December 10, 2009

Angel for Tree

In spite of recent distractions, I managed to finish this little angel I've been trying to work on for the past few days and I must admit she turned out adorably cute!

As you can tell I drew inspiration from a Christmas card seen at Walmart to create this angel in my style.
The felt body is hollow so you can put the angel on the very top of the tree.
The book cover & pages + halo & wings are made in foam.
Now all we need is to set the tree & put her on top of it!

Yesterday my Beloved's adopted mother commissioned me 2 whole "Xmas Plush Collection" sets!
She phoned me twice to stress how adorable they are and how well they add the Christmas cheer to her home.
It made me feel so happy to hear her enthusiasm!
Though I also have to admit I feel a tad overwhelmed by the work load I now have with a short deadline.
At least this way I'll have more money to spend on presents for my Beloved so the sooner I get started, the sooner I finish & the sooner I can order his presents online in time for Christmas!
Time to start working in chain production again!


  1. Tygra questo è proprio meravoglioso!
    Le guanciotte rosa sono tenerissime! Posso dargli un bacino XD ??

  2. Carinissimo!!! <3