Tuesday, December 1, 2009

GiveAway: anticipated ending date

Xmas Plush Collection GiveAway
I've been giving it some thought and decided to anticipate the GiveAway ending date to 15th December instead of Christmas, mainly because I have the impression everyone is waiting to see if they've won the GiveAway before purchasing anything from my Etsy Shop.
Moreover by the time the GiveAway is finished Christmas would've already passed and the plushies wouldn't be seasonal anymore.

I also have to be honest, I'm a bit disappointed.
Sure, many people have applied to the GiveAway but nobody is really actively following my blog- that I'm aware of.
Only KnittingTurnip has been loyal enough to comment to nearly all my posts, encouraging me (in our daily chats) to continue in spite of my feeling like people are trying to take advantage of my GiveAway instead of being honestly interested in my creations...
I apologize if anyone feels insulted but nobody else is giving me feedbacks here except her.

Luckily most of my crafts are done for either myself, my Beloved, family and/or RL friends so nothing really goes to waste except what I expressly make for my Etsy Shop (I'd rather sell something that's already made than have a person wait while I make it).

There is more to this blog than the GiveAway, so please take the time to actively follow it instead of just signing up for the GiveAway.
In fact I'll only consider the people who are contributing to the blog as participants to the GiveAway.
Sorry, folks, but I've no intention of being taken advantage of nor wasting time+effort on lurkers.
Moreover this GiveAway will influence whether there will be more or less of them in the future.
Thank you for your understanding!

Btw it's come to my attention my images are being copied.
I'd like to remind people to credit me when using my images/creations.
Thank you!

PS I'll post a picture of my SackBoy soon.

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  1. Mi dispiace che tu abbia questa impressione, ma penso che tu abbia fatto bene ad anticipare la chiusura... Non ti preoccupare la stessa cosa succede in tutti i blog, come ti ho già detto anche io di tutti i followrs mi sono accorta che molti si fanno vivi solo per le Giveaway!! :(
    In bocca al lupo per tutto, blog e negozio!!!
    Un bacio, non vedo l'ora di ammirare il tuo Sackboy!!!!