Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mythical Encounter in PullipLand

Little Red Riding Hood
I've been a bit sidetracked lately between my Beloved being home for nearly 3 straight days (I don't do much crafting when he's around preferring to be with him instead) and spending time with his adopted mother who not only bought four pieces of my "Xmas Plush Collection" but was so generous to offer me a delicious breakfast and allowed me to tag along to Rocky Mount yesterday, getting me lots of craft supplies at Michael's!
She also showed me a video by "Uncommon Thread" on how to make a GingerBread House from felt which I'm hoping to work on sometime after the holidays.

Thanks to her sweet gestures I purchased a couple of Christmas presents for my Beloved from & now have enough supplies to proceed with my crafts!

In the meantime today I took advantage of the rare winter sun to make a small photoshoot of my Pullip "Little Red Riding Hood" renamed Melanie.
Melanie was a VERY fortunate find, a combination of good luck & bartering. She was missing her feet, didn't have her stock clothes & apparently the ends of her hair were coarse from brushing & age but at $30 she was well worth it!
I managed to purchase feet & stock clothes for cheap on Dolly Market Forum and fixed her tummy pop & hair using RequiemArt's tutorials.
In the end I spent around $50 for a doll which was selling new for nearly $200 on Ebay!
She's a lovely doll with expressive green eyes and my first official Pullip whom I love dearly!

Between one thing and another, I've been trying to work on an angel (inspired by another card seen at Walmart) to put on top of the tree my Beloved's adopted mother lent us.

Monday I finally managed to get ahold of a can of the infamous sealer MSC so I can start working on touching up my "Mini Principessa" and replacing her body with a 23cm Obitsu.
I also want to make my own Mamachapp using Obitsu pieces and need to fix my J-doll's faceup which was slightly marred while trying to replace her body.

I also hope to start working on Valentine's Day Project to sell on Etsy starting January.
Yikes, so many projects and not enough time!
I hope I don't burn myself out!

NOTE: Tomorrow is our 1st year anniversary!
One year tomorrow I moved in with my Beloved whom I'd met online in July.
I've never regretted my decision!
I can't believe one year has already gone by, it sure doesn't feel like it!
Unfortunately he has to work all day but I plan to cook him dinner, bake him a cake & finally give him the present I made him a month ago. I can't wait to see his face when he opens the package!

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  1. La tua Melanie è bellissima ed i piedini li hai rimessi alla perfezione ! Complimenti!
    E di nuovo complimenti per il tuo senso degli affari, del tutto al contrario di me XD .....
    Ps. il regalo di Jason mi piace ! Thumbs up!
    E...ancora una cosa.. Auguri!