Monday, December 14, 2009

GiveAway: result!

I decided to post the Result a day early because the outcome is obvious and won't change within a day.

WINNER: Knittingturnip/RainbowProject with 10 post (6 since 24th November) wins Reindeer
SECOND PLACE: Laura with 4 posts (2 since 24th November) wins Penguin

I feel Laura deserves Second Place because she left comments even before the GiveAway starting date.

When I added The Golden Rule on 1st December at least 2 followers dropped my blog.
A few days later 2 people decided to follow it, making it a total of 15 followers- a number that's remained to date.
I was disappointed to notice nobody really made an effort to actively contribute to the blog (except Knittingturnip & Laura).
It doesn't really take much of an effort to leave an occasional comment.
Instead most just drop one comment (mainly on the GiveAway post) before disappearing into Cyberspace.
As stated before there is more to this blog than the GiveAway. I've only considered the people who contributed to the blog as participants to the GiveAway.
I've no intention of giving away my hard work to profiteers/lurkers.

I'm sorry but this is my blog & these are my rules.
If you'd occasionally followed my blog you would've noticed the new rule added on 1st December.
If you don't agree with me it's not my problem and no profiteer will make it so.
In fact please feel free to remove my blog from your list. I'd rather have few loyal followers than lots of profiteers/lurkers.

It's very fortunate I make my creations for the pure joy of it.
I don't seek validation to feel good, I'm holding on to the hard-earned freedom of being myself, which includes crafting & dollies :)

Note: I may have another GiveAway in February depending on how many real followers my blog has by then.


  1. Ho vintooo!! Grazie mille! Non vedo l'ora di avere la mia rennina!
    ps. Per me è un piacere commentare i tuoi post, fai delle cose cos' carine!
    E comunque hai ragione, è brutto vedere gli approfitta_giweaway!

  2. Ciao.Grazie per il secondo premio e per le parole che hai scritto nel tuo post. Saro' felicissima di appendere il pinguino sul mio albero di natale, se arriva in tempo, altrimenti mettero' comunque un post per ringraziarti!
    Ti mando l'indirizzo via mail.
    ciao buona giornata e continua a fare le cose che ti piacciono per la gioia di farle! Questa è la miglior cosa!!
    ciao laura

  3. che peccato! complimenti alle vincitrici