Thursday, April 1, 2010

Froggie servant?

Sgt. Frog
I was inspired by the main character in the wacky anime "Sgt. Frog".
This felt plush has velcro on his hands so he can hang on to things, like the vacuum!

I wanted to reassure my readers I'm still alive here in NC.
The reason I haven't posted anything new is because... I haven't really made anything new except this frog & a dress for my new bjd.

This month I'll be mainly busy making Easter treats for Family.
Since my fiance's mother plans to visit us to meet my mom who'll be staying with us a week in May, I wanted to give her some plushes to take back to the rest of the family so I'll be making a couple of Kirby plushes (apparently a favourite game character in my fiance's family) and a couple of birdies.

I already prepared a cute Easter basket with a chick and bunny (with some chocolates) for my fiance's adopted mother and will do the same for his real one.
All this while I continue with my online college classes & improving the house- talk about busy, phew!

In case I run out of time, I'll wish you all an early HAPPY EASTER!
Please make sure to enjoy Spring in all its glorious beauty!

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  1. buona pasqua anche a te!!! questa volta vediamo se riconosco questa simpatica rana...o è ancora un ornitorinco??? scherzo...sono una frana con l'inglese!!! un caro saluto e tanti tanti auguri!laura