Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pretear's Tyipi

Pretear's Tyipi
This little guy is the one that started the round plush birdies collection (see previous post).
He was completed before the duckling & chick but I decided to post him now instead.

Tyipi is a mascot in the anime "New Legend of Snow White Pretear".
It's pretty simple to create as long as you know how to make a round plush.
I added a little sack of rice to its bottom so it would stay upright (the drawback of round plushes).
The curly feather on top is actually a pink pipecleaner glued on the inside while the beak is made in foam.

I'm rather pleased by the result as it's identical to the original and life-sized at that!

Unfortunately Spring Break is over and not much was accomplished except more plushes but no improvements around the house because of lack of funds.
Hopefully we'll be able to do some work around the house before my mom visits in May.

Obviously I'll be busy with homework once again but will try to continue my crafting at a regular pace.

Btw I'm a tad disappointed nobody commented on my previous two posts :(
Where are my followers..?


  1. Eccomi, scusa l'assenza ma non c'ero nemmeno sul mio di blog XD!
    Come sempre invidio la bravura nel cucire!
    Per il ciuffetto hai avuto un'idea fantastica, che cos'è una pipe cleaner??

  2. Ma che bello! Complimenti! *-*