Saturday, March 6, 2010


These yummy Peeps are handmade in felt.

And the best part is, they're always here and don't run the risk of disappearing in my tummy!
Yes, I admit it. I have a weakness for these marshmallow candies though I prefer the Easter version.
For some reason I find Easter Peeps taste better than Valentine's, Halloween & Christmas Peeps. Am I the only one who feels this way?

Wikipedia explains "although the original Peeps were standard marshmallow flavor, some of the newer flavors include chocolate mousse (bunnies for Easter, cats for Halloween, reindeer for Christmas), strawberry and vanilla (hearts for Valentine's Day), cocoa (cats and bats for Halloween), sugar cookie (gingerbread people for Christmas), and orange (eggs for Easter)".
Guess that explains it, it's not my taste buds going wonky.
Call me traditionalist but I prefer the standard marshmallow flavor.

Coming up next: adorable duckling & chick so stay tuned!

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