Monday, November 16, 2009

Let's get started!

Five days ago I met a wonderful girl KnittingTurnip with whom I made fast friendship which I hope will last for a good while.
Ever since she's been spurring me to sell my felt plushies, advicing to start a blog to promote my future Etsy Shop so here I am trying again after my failed attempt this Summer with a little texture shop on SecondLife.
I poured all my time and effort into it but I only managed to sell one set out of 32.
I can't tell you how disappointed I was, also considering the money spent uploading each image on SL.

But everyone's been so encouraging and enthusiastic about my RealLife creations that this morning I decided I should try making another Xmas Plush Collection set and selling each plush separately on Etsy & following Barbara's advice promoting my work on a blog.
So here I am!

I'll admit I draw inspiration also from other people's work.
I really can't afford to buy the originals so I try to make them myself customizing them to my taste.
I wouldn't consider it copying, especially since I don't have a printer so any pattern I find online I have to hand-draw on paper. Moreover like I stated previously I customize any pattern I find.
Lately I've graduated to making my own patterns which is highly satisfying.

KnittingTurnip suggested I try selling patterns but personally I rather sell finished products, also to prevent being copied.
I apologize for the double standards but I'd rather people at least make an effort in copying me without my help.

Anyway I'll stop blabbering & start with the slide show.
Please enjoy & feel free to write me!

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