Thursday, November 19, 2009

Busy working on Etsy projects

I'm sorry but this time I have no new creation to post about.
The past couple of days I've been working in chain production style nearly non stop on a new Xmas Plush Collection I'm hoping to sell on Etsy at the beginning of December.
Needless to say I'm very tired at the moment, in fact I'll admit I feel a tad burned out with the result of two failed plushes, sigh.

Since I started my crafting it's become a routine to have felt & needle constantly in my hands at any moment.
But the down side is, it's easy to get either overwhelmed with all the projects on my mind or burned out trying to bring them to life.
It's gotten to the point whenever I take a much needed break I feel like I'm wasting time and my fingers itch for action.

Thanksgiving is just a week away and I want to make a turkey & scarecrow by then.
Right after is Christmas season, I need to make stockings for my Beloved+his nephew+niece and think of something for the rest of family & friends.
And let's not forget the random projects running through my mind, like creating a Ponyo plush (of which I made the pattern this morning) or finding the right Ddung to customize.
Phew, time doesn't seem enough!

On a positive note, thanks to my Beloved this afternoon I ordered an adorable Felix Brownie named Tobby.
Unfortunately he'll be arriving around the time of my Birthday in February.
Patience is not my strong point!

I also got a Doll Making Kit from Amazon because I've been wanting to make a Bunka for a while and all my attempts have failed so far.
Felt is very easy to work with, other fabrics are not and a felt Bunka wouldn't be the same. That's not to say I won't eventually graduate to cloth but at the moment I'm sticking with felt.
I'm still a beginner with these crafts, everything is completely hand made & sewed and in some cases the details are painted with fabric paint using a toothpick. So you see everything is made with lots of patience+love and of course take time+effort.

I hope having an Etsy shop won't turn a hobby into a boring job.
To prevent this, I'll take occasional breaks either from crafting or from working on Etsy items.
My creativity needs the occasional spur of freedom.

Anyway it's been a long two days and I'm going to take a short break now.
Write you later!

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