Monday, November 23, 2009

Etsy projects finished, need to open Shop

New "Xmas Plush Collection" set is complete & ready for selling- once I've opened my Etsy shop & gotten padded envelopes (hopefully within the next couple of days).
Oh the relief, I've finally finished the plushies in time for the Holidays and without burning myself out!

I must admit they turned out cuter than the first set.
In fact I'm currently touching up the first set based on the second one.
I apologize but I won't show pictures until the shop is officially open, wouldn't want to ruin the surprise (*wink*)
I really hope they sell!

PS I hope to make Ponyo, SackBoy & Custard plushies soon!
Not sure if I'll be making a turkey & scarecrow by Thanksgiving.
I'm also rethinking making stockings from scratch this year, we'll see how things stand in a week.
Must come up with presents for the rest of family & friends.

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