Friday, August 6, 2010

Pon & Zi

Pon & Zi
Pon & Zi are handmade in felt by me.
Original characters by Azuzephre

On 29th July I finally found the proof I needed that showed he'd been lying & cheating on me before the official breakup dated 23rd June, possibly as long as 2-3 months.
He didn't even mourn the end of our relationship before jumping into a new one. That itself shows how little I meant to him.
Don't worry, I'm not hurt anymore. I'm just disgusted by his overall conduct (+ trying to go back on his word to provide some funds, transportation & shipping my belongings, he's also been slandering me, of course).
You can be sure once I'm in Georgia I'll cut all contacts from him. What a sorry excuse of a guy!
I'm just very relieved I didn't find out in even worse circumstances.

Now I'm ready to start my brand new drama-free life in Columbus (GA)- just one week to go!

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  1. Hi Tygra,

    Good for you, starting a new life! With my previous break-up there was also another woman and he got so mad cos a mutual fren told me abt it but im so glad i found out and I've cut all ties with him too. He can say what he wants to his friends.

    I soon found someone else who I love very much and treats me respectfully. It may work, it may not but I am now sure, life will always go on!

    Hugs dear and all the best!