Sunday, June 27, 2010

Creamy Mami's Kitties

Creamy Mami's Posi and Nega
Posi & Nega are handmade in felt by me using a modified version of pattern found in Baby London Star's blog.

I apologize for the delay in posting but I've been going through the worse days of my life...
He broke up with me on 23rd June 2010 because he's going through a depression phase that is causing him to go emotionally numb toward everyone, he's obviously not reasoning soundly yet states firmly he feels deep down even when he gets out of this phase he knows things won't go back to the way they were. Yet he so badly want to be friends because "I DO care about u and what happens to u".

I pretty much left my country to be with him; true, I made the choice a few months before meeting him online but it was through him that I had the courage to board that plane and later risk my family's disapproval to move in with him.
We'd made plans, set a wedding date, even chose our future children's names.
And now 2yrs into the relationship with 6 months of engagement later... I find myself dumped into another crossroads of Life with only two options to choose from: either I try to make the best of things here, wait until we have a car (ours died the day he broke up with me), get a job, try to build my own life then he leaves me everything (rented house, contents and cats) or I go back to Italy. In either case I have to start from scratch.
Oh but there's another more final alternative to end this whole mess and especially the pain...

Right now I'm trying to make sense of this mess that is currently my life while my heart breaks each second and my soul screams in pain... so please forgive me if there are long delays in blog update...

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